October 2011: Exodus IV at Bottletop Auction



Exodus IV was auctioned alongside work by Picasso, the Chapman’s, Taylor-Wood and Vik Muniz at the 2011 Full Circle Event in central London for the Bottletop Foundation( The funds raised will support projects in urban Brazil that empower local communities with work and economic development. Exodus images have also been donated to support the capital campaign for new buildings at the Photographer’s Gallery ( and for the ground breaking Photovoice (


Exodus IV – Hong Kong, China – 2010

Driven by rampant consumer demand Southern China has become the workshop of the world. As millions migrate from rural China to the factories of Guangzhou to manufacture goods, consumers hoard gadgets and define themselves through the ownership of a cornucopia of products transported across the globe in colourful metal boxes. Edition of 7.…


September 2011: Astra Zeneca science/art residency and commission

OPTOGENOME II - Everybody has a compound


Lyon has been commissioned to produce 3 large-scale artworks in collaboration with Astra Zeneca’s Infectious Disease and Oncology scientists in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. The process will involve a residency in the US followed by a creative process, led by the artist from his studios in London, that will endeavour to break through the silo-ed worlds of science and art to produce imagery that informs and inspires both spaces.


Everybody has a compound – 2011

Alone in a lab, working on ever descending threads of exploration and experimentation, do scientists risk loosing a critical connection with the human condition? Without this link science is adrift; disconnected from the life-changing role that it plays in communities and families across the globe. The image Everybody has a compound allows the collaborative process to come to life through the projection of the written hopes and aspirations of AZ employees layered onto an extended matrix of chemical compounds from the company’s database: each bottle a potential key to a cure for a human illness or disease.…


August 2011: 01/08/11 – 14/09/11 Exodus Exhibition at 1508



Exodus launches at The Great Room, 1508 in central London. In Exodus, Lyon explores the most significant migrations of the early 21st Century. As the ability of humans, goods and services to circumnavigate the planet increases exponentially we are left disconnected from a simple view of our common identity. Indeed, as our economic and geo-political differences intensify the unstoppable movement and expansion of actual and digital assets challenge both the power of the individual in society, the state and corporations to control opinions, actions and environment. Exodus provokes questions concerning the biggest changes in contemporary society through large-scale representations of the key themes that influence globalisation and the modern world.


EXODUS VI – West Lamma Channel, South China Sea – 2011

The movement of goods by sea is an unseen migration of raw materials and products around the planet. Covering 71% of the planets surface the ocean is temporary home to 90% of global cargo (7.4 billion tons of goods) transported in a fleet of 70,000 vessels. Wrapped, packed and contained the waters of the world bear witness to mankind’s desire to move mountains in the name of progress. Edition of 7.