EXODUS-VIII-Khayletisha-Cape-Town-2011Lyon launches Exodus VIII to coincide with the close of his successful 2012 Open Studios. Over 200 visitors made the journey to the Glassworks in central London for bespoke guided tours of recent artwork and the private gallery. In turn, final artist proofs of the latest series Sky, Sea, Shore, created on the island paradise of Mustique, have been produced at Lyon’s art printers, Spectrum, and the first edition prints have been shipped to collectors. In addition Lyon’s pre-production team are now working on the final details of an extensive film-based large format body of work to be shot around the human story of the Paralympic Games in London during late August and early September.

EXODUS VIII – Khayletisha, Cape Flats, South Africa – 2011
As the economies of developing nations are transformed by the power and lure of the urban space, ever increasing waves of migration from rural hinterlands transform the city edge. Despite being predominantly seen from abroad as places of desperate poverty and crime, the townships of the Western Cape are also vibrant hubs of creative endeavour and unshackled entrepreneurship. However, will the challenge of future enhanced human freedom be possible with a backdrop of political mismanagement and institutionalised corruption? With enlightened leadership and policies designed to harness the incredible energy of these edge cities the modern world promises a road out of subsistence to more engaged and sustainable communities.   Edition of 7