December 2011: Exodus exhibits at Arle



Arle Capital Partners have chosen Lyon’s Exodus series for their first art in residence at their St James’s head office. Additionally they have commissioned Lyon to create a series of 48 large format 5 x 4 film based portraits starting in 2012. The series will explore the full breadth of human resource in their portfolio of companies. Lyon will be given full artistic control over the body of work which will be exhibited at The Avenue in April 2012.


Exodus III – London, UK – 2010

As human ability to circumnavigate the globe increases exponentially we challenge our ability to define our identities geographically. The global citizens of airport lounges and business hotels ascend to another world where the realities of real community become strangely mixed with notions of belonging to a different society of frequent flyer points and concierge services. Edition of 7.