The RAMBERT series (2015) was born out of a collaboration between one of the world’s foremost contemporary dance companies and Lyon over a number of rehearsals and performances. Lyon,  Artistic Director Mark Baldwin and Rehearsal Director Angela Towler worked over several months to develop a process where by a whole dance  could be visualised in a single work. Endeavouring to bring a new perspective to the art of recording dance, the works challenge the conventional practice of sourcing a single moment by drawing on multiple sequences brought to life through a series of dynamic images created from each part of the piece. The final artworks draw heavily on a mix of the real and the imagined as the images weave dynamic patterns of movement across the canvas of the stage in honour of the scale and emotional content of the actual choreography.

RAMBERT I - Rehearsal
RAMBERT II - Strange Charm of Mother Nature
RAMBERT III - Four Elements
RAMBERT V – The Three Dancers