Limited-Edition-Print_F1The closing month of 2012 saw the Trabant I-XII typography consigned to the Annual Photovoice Auction. Photovoice is a groundbreaking development agency that supports disadvantaged communities through participatory photography training. Their groundbreaking use of the arts has seen the organisation create both significant change and highly collectable bodies of art in the last decade. Lyon was a founder ambassador for the charity and has been a leading voice for the work over the last 10 years.


TRABANT I-XII – Budapest 2012

The Trabant remains a lasting physical and emotional statement of an extraordinary human experiment in centralised production. From 1957 to 1990 3.1 million Trabants were fabricated. Often the waiting time for a new Trabant was so long that the value of actual cars on the road was greater than one newly ordered. In the 21st century the “Trabie” has ended up associated affectionately with a time past and in a bizarre twist has mirrored a renaissance of nostalgic desire for the certainties of the communist era that created it.