April 2012: Stiglitz Leadership Talk



Lyon has delivered a prestigious Stiglitz Leadership Talk. Focusing in on his photographic journey from rural Britain to the mega cities of the developing world he spoke on a wide range of subjects from his artistic vision to international development and from issues of child labour to the astonishing entrepreneurial opportunities manifest in the urban envronment. Stiglitz Lyon Talk


Child Cane Worker, Mexico – 1989

Millions of extraordinary children across the globe work for their living. In 2002 UNICEF published figures stating that across the planet as many as 100m children live, work or sleep on the streets of our cities. Placed in a geographically defined space, this army of underage workers represents the 12th largest country in the world. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Lyon undertook significant reportage work on the issues of child labour in Latin America, Africa and Asia leading to his present role as chairman of the internationally recognized think tank and advocacy agency the Consortium for Street Children.