MARCH 2013: Exodus IV at LANDMARK: Fields of Photography


Exodus IV was chosen to hang alongside work by Ed Burtynsky, Olaf Otto Becker, Dan Holdsworth, Simon Roberts, Nadav Kander and David Maisel in the  ground breaking Positive View Foundation’s  show of the best Landscape Photography of the early 21st century curated by Bill Ewing and supported by Barclays and DHL. The exhibition hangs in the East Wing of Somerset House through March and April 2013. Many of the images will then transfer to Christie’s for a Gala Auction night on 15 May.

Exodus IV – Hong Kong, China – 2010

Driven by rampant consumer demand Southern China has become the workshop of the world. As millions migrate from rural China to the factories of Guangzhou to manufacture goods, consumers hoard gadgets and define themselves through the ownership of a cornucopia of products transported across the globe in colourful metal boxes. Edition of 7.