OPTOGENOME IVLyon has been commissioned by developmental neurobiologist Dr Richard Wingate, curator Michael Regan and Joana Seguro of Lumin to mastermind a series of conceptual Science/Art collaborations that celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Medical Research Council and the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA at laboratories at Kings College, London. The exhibition, Photo 51, will launch on June 22 at the prestigious Inigo rooms at Somerset House, London. In addition the show will feature the whole collection of AstraZeneca commissioned images Lyon produced for their Oncology and Infectious Disease Labs in Cambridge Massachusetts.


Optogenetics uses light to manipulate gene activation in living structures by combining the precision of optical physics with the power of genetic engineering.  This new field opens up the genome to interventions that will shed light on how our DNA influences the dynamics of physiology, behaviour and thought. Optogenome IV explores this process through the endless repetition of genetic information to create an illusion of movement and change.