Exodus is an exploration of the most significant migrations of the early 21st Century. As the ability of humans, goods and services to circumnavigate the planet increases exponentially we are left disconnected from a simple view of our common identity. Indeed, as our economic and geo-political differences intensify, the unstoppable movement and expansion of actual and digital assets challenge the power of the individual in society, the state and corporations to control opinions, actions and environments. Exodus provokes questions concerning the biggest changes in contemporary society through large-scale representations of the key themes that influence globalisation in the modern world.

Signed Limited Edition Digital Fibre Museum Bareyte Print float mounted on aluminium. Each work is produced in an edition of 7 and is printed at 1600 x 800mm.

EXODUS I - Damascus, Syria (2009)
EXODUS II - Dubai, UAE (2010)
EXODUS III - London, UK (2010)
EXODUS IV - Hong Kong, China (2010)
EXODUS V - Pudong, Shanghai, China (2010)
EXODUS VI - West Lamma Channel, South China Sea (2011)
EXODUS VII - Tin Shack City, Cape Flats, South Africa (2011)
EXODUS VIII - Khayletisha, Cape Flats, South Africa (2011)
EXODUS IX – Liberty Road, Houston, Texas (2014)