Late 2015 has seen the creation of significant new bodies of work by Lyon, both in the UK and abroad. Outside his direct practice he has been invited to talk at TED x in March about the Somos Brasil project, an exploration of twenty-first century identity in Brazil using portraits, sound and DNA. This ground-breaking project has moved on at pace: early 2016 has seen the creation of the image activated app, built & created by Matt Hill with Calvium and the final book design by award winning Jim Sutherland of Studio Sutherl&. In addition the final ancestoral DNA analysis of all the nominated subjects have now been supplied by the remarkable Max Blankfeld of FtDNA lab in Houston Texas. The book of all 104 portraits will be published in mid 2016 by Iata Cannabrava and Claudia Jaguaribe of Estudio Madelena, Brazil’s premier publishing house.

Aside from Somos he has created 2 new works for the Rambert Series in conjunction with London’s premier contemporary dance company and has had 4 of his Exodus series aquired by the worlds largest museum and research complex, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.


RAMBERT V – Three Dancers (2016)

The RAMBERT series (2015 – 16) was born out of a collaboration between one of the world’s foremost contemporary dance companies and Lyon over a number of rehearsals and performances.  Endeavouring to bring a new perspective to the art of recording dance, the works challenge the conventional practice of sourcing a single moment by drawing on multiple sequences brought to life through a series of dynamic images created from each part of the piece.