JUNE 2015: New Horizons in Brazil

2015 has seen the creation of significant new bodies of work by Lyon, both in the UK and abroad. His work continues to sell successfully in the secondary market, with Sotheby’s May sale in London reaching well over the estimate. After a month long exhibition in York Exodus was awarded the Aesthetica People’s Choice Award. The major development in his practice during early 2015 has been the creation of the Somos Brasil project: an exploration of twenty-first century identity in Brazil using portraits, sound and DNA. The project, produced by ImageMagica and designed by Jim Sutherland, will be published in book format in early 2016 by Estudio Madelena, Brazil’s premier publishing house and will include a groundbreaking format using an image activated sound ap and ancestral DNA information. The final project will feature in a museum exhibition in 3 separate cities in Brazil during 2016. In other news Lyon’s latest available work is Intersection. Published below it further pursues questions around mankind’s influence on our environment through a series of images created in California and Texas in late 2014.



Mankind’s interactions with the natural world are defined by a desire to harness the environment for our needs. In a time when our planet faces unknown challenges wrought by climate change, it feels important to imagine what we will leave behind. Intersection looks at the place where all natural forms have been lost and what remains are the footprints of man’s interventions.