Early 2016 has seen Lyon’s practice grow significantly, both in the UK and abroad. He has created 2 new works for the Rambert Series in conjunction with London’s premier contemporary dance company, has had 4 of his Exodus series acquired by the world’s largest museum and research complex, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, and is publishing a major new work in Brazil as both a book and exhibition.

In the public realm he delivered a TED talk about the Somos Brasil project, a search for a deeper understanding of Brazilian identity through a series of photographic portraits enhanced with personal sound testimonies and ancestral DNA. This ground-breaking project has moved on at pace, with the final book, designed by Jim Sutherland & Alice Tosey of Studio Sutherl&, on press in August at world reknown art printers IPSIS Grafica in São Paulo. Lyon has also created an image activated app, produced by Matt Hill with Calvium  in Bristol, UK. In addition the final ancestoral DNA analysis of all the nominated subjects has been supplied by Family Tree DNA lab in Houston, Texas. The book of all 104 portraits will be ready to ship in September, published by Estudio Madelena, Brazil’s premier photographic publishing house in conjunction with award-winning production house ImageMagica. ISBN 978-85-61921-06-4 To order in the UK please mail:

Anthony Lawrence da Rocha Azevedo

Anthony Lawrence da Rocha Azevedo – SOMOS BRASIL  (2016)

Somos Brasil is a multimedia exhibition and book. The project explores the diversity of Brazilian identity at the outset of the 21st century through ultra high quality portraits, image activated app based soundscapes and DNA. Over a six-month period Lyon toured Brazil exploring the most diverse corners of the country with a producer and sound recordist. Together they mapped the ancestral DNA, personal stories and visual identity of over one hundred remarkable Brazilians. Somos Brasil draws three elements of identity: visual, spoken and genetic together to cast light on the personal, social and cultural diversity of Brazil. The work amplifies the stories of those nominated and encourages us to reflect on our own identities and roles in society. The exhibition and book have a dedicated smartphone app that reads the images and activates the voice of the portrait. Download the Free APP in English or Portuguese at the App Store or Google Play, then simply hold your phone to any portrait and listen.