Winter 2016/17 saw the Somos Brasil project move to the next level with the final production of the book and the design of the Exhibition.  After soft launches in the Guardian, BBC and Globo’s G1 the project now launches on March 9th at Centro Brasileiro Britânico in São Paulo. This ground-breaking project has moved on at pace over the winter months, with the final book, designed by Jim Sutherland & Alice Tosey of Studio Sutherl& ready to ship in March. Lyon has also created an image activated app, produced by Matt Hill with Calvium in Bristol, UK to augment the show and images. In addition  ancestoral DNA analysis of all the nominated subjects has been supplied by Family Tree DNA lab in Houston, Texas. The book is published by Estudio Madelena, Brazil’s premier photographic publishing group in conjunction with award-winning production house ImageMagica. ISBN 978-85-61921-06-4.

In other news, during February, Rambert V – Three Dancers will be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London at Martyn Ware’s curatored Everthing you can imagine is real pop up show. In the public realm Lyon’s recent  TED talk about the Somos Brasil project is also avialable to watch on YouTube. Also during this period the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC agreed to aquire a further series of Lyon’s images from the Somos Brasil series for its permanent collection at the Air and Space Museum.


SOMOS BRASIL 041 – Bekwynhka Kayapo (2016)