MAY 2013: PHOTO 51 at Somerset House

OPTOGENOME VI - 50 benches IIIn Photo 51 Lyon was commissioned by King’s College London to work with the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology to produce a new series of conceptual Science/Art collaborations that celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Medical Research Council and the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA at laboratories at Kings College, London. The show runs June 24 – July 26 at the Inigo Room, Somerset House, London. This body of work continues Lyon’s exploration of key themes in modern science and health. In 2011-2012 he completed a significant body of work exploring the interface between the laboratory and the emotional space occupied by scientists in collaboration with the Infectious Disease and Oncology scientists at Astra Zeneca’s Waltham, Massachusetts research campus. The work in the exhibition will feature ten of Lyon’s works that explore the very cutting edge of the modern science laboratory from both a typological and an emotionally subversive viewpoint and will include all the of AstraZeneca collection images.


50 BENCHES – 2013

At it’s most basic level science is visual comparison, driven to unearth difference in an endeavor to understand and unlock the reason for variance. Much like the butterfly collector the photographer can search for this comparative truth. In the search to understand actual scientists 50 Benches I & II collects the myriad samples that are the working laboratory spaces of a 21st century science environment: identical only in the form of recording the totality of variance underlines the delicate difference at the heart of the human condition and our fascination to quantify and qualify.   (Collaborators Dr. Joao Peres & Dr. Richard Wingate)