January 2014: LYON in London

TIMEOUT I - MarinaAfter a fourth quarter cycle of shows in Russia, Brazil and India early 2014 finds Lyon in London working on the new series TIMEOUT. The project explores ideas around mass recreation in a world where the search for safety, sustenance and shelter have taken on a secondary role. Timeout I looks at the the space where water is the playground of those in search of release from the world of work. In other news the studio continues in pre-production for the Somos Brasileiros project due to be created in Brazil later in the year. Finally Lyon is delighted to confirm his attendance at the annual Fotofest art fair in Houston Texas for March.
TIMEOUT I – Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, USA – 2014

Originally designed as lightweight vessels to chase pirates in the 17th century, the yacht has morphed into the ultimate symbol of success and excess in the modern world. The turn of the 21st century saw a massive explosion in the number, size and popularity of megayachts. To some the ultimate retreat, to others a sign of a world out of balance, the launch of Eclipse, a 165 m US$ 1 billion super yacht in 2010 saw the world of seaborne recreation reaching a new peak.
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