I.Detroit: A Human Atlas of an American City

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Over an extremely busy few months the studio has been heads down focusing on formalising the image, sound and DNA data gathered by the team in the City of Detroit over the past two years. Working with expert colleagues at Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas, Lyon has plotted the ancestral DNA of all 100 nominees and built a detailed map their generational migration to Detroit. Alongside the genetic mapping, Shervorn Monaghan of the Laundry Room in Islington has been working on the detailed image finishing on the 100 artworks that accompany the data. Meanwhile, Matt Hill and Sarah Myles of Rethink Audio have been building the soundscapes that will activate with the bespoke App built by the tech geniuses at Calvium in Bristol. In tandem, working with Jim Sutherland and Rosey Trickett of Studio Sutherl&, the Human Atlas team have been building the design framework and form of the new book and exhibition.

I.Detroit: A Human Atlas of an American City will publish summer 2020. To pre-order your Limited Edition book – reservation can be made through

In other news… Over 2,000 people visited the Somos Brasil: A Human Atlas of a Nation exhibition held on Trafalgar Square in London in mid 2019 and the Limited Edition We: deutschland book won the top prize for self published books in the British Book Awards in December.

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