AUGUST: LYON in Argentina

BRIC VII - Chongqing, China (2010).

August sees Lyon exhibiting BRICS and lecturing at the prestigious Festival De La Luz in Buenos Aires. He will also be traveling onwards to São Paulo to begin working on the pre production of his Lei Rouanet accredited Somos Brasileiros project: A sound and DNA enhanced, 100 portrait quest to create a dynamic anthroplogical view of the ethnic diversity of Brazilians at the turn of the 21st century, produced in collaboration with ImageMagica. His work will also be exhibited at SP Foto with Galeria Tempo from August 20 – 24th. The end of the month sees him travel deep into the Amazon to visit Xingu tribal elders in Para state on the first leg of Somos Brasileiros.



Chongqing is the fastest-growing urban mass on the planet. At over 31 million, its population is bigger than that of Peru or Iraq, with half a million more arriving every year. The streets hum with an army of 100,000 “bang bang men” weaving through the urban sprawl, transporting goods strung over their backs on their bamboo sticks. Chongqing epitomizes the shift of man as a rural to an urban being. Set on the confluence of the Jialing and the Yangtze rivers the city became a provisional capital during WW2 as its heavy fog protected against the Japanese airforce. In the nineties Chongqing was used by China to spearhead development of its Western regions. According to the World Bank, 16 of the planet’s 20 dirtiest cities are in China and Chongqing is one of the worst.  Allegedly the city produces 3,500 tons of waste every day. None is recycled.