WE:deutschland: A Human Atlas

As we leave the early 21st century and head towards the 2020’s I am increasingly drawn to the importance of community. Our need to belong is poorly served by the paucity of vision proposed by those that call for walls and borders:  their attempts to solve the big issues of our time through division prays on fear of the other & our worst instincts. However, the fact that some sections of our societies are deeply divided reinforces the need for bold leadership. We require ideas and people that combine the values of open society, with the social aspirations of a just new deal between the citizen and those that hold power and assets.

In Europe the backdrop to these realities is a time of rapid technical advance through communication technologies, artificial intelligence and ageing populations. Thus we need to co-author the future through social innovation; imagining and sculpting spaces where we belong to more than our small tribes. We will increasingly rely on a generation of social change agents who are brave enough to build disruptive ways to answer today’s big challenges.

WE: deutschland grew out of a dialogue, with Allan and Per of momondo, that searched to build a art/science project that would create a space where powerful conversations about the need for a more open society and a diverse future could be imagined.

Through their guidance and the funding support of the momondo Open World Projects it has been possible to undertake a deep-dive art project to curate and create an atlas of German social change agents. Over a 5 month period, my team at The Glassworks and I built a powerful nomination process to unlock a cohort of 53 remarkable individuals across German society and then travel to photograph, listen to and genetically map them. The results of this process are laid out in the following pages: I trust they will inspire you to ask deeper questions about our roles in building a more equitable and purposeful future for the next generations.

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Abdullah Ericek
Ahmet Lokurlu
Alice Grindhammer
Aline Amling
Aljoscha Rheinwalt
Anja Junker
Arwen Colell
Benjamin Federmann
Claudia Faehrenkemper
Claudia Kromei
Constanze Black
Daniel Ludevig
Elke Naters
Emilia Roig
Eric Yong
Eun-heui Chae
Felix Hallwachs
Florian Hoffmann
Frank Hoffmann
Fritz Lensch
Gerlinde Skupin
Irmela Mensah-Schramm
Jens Ullrich
Jessica Gedamu
Johannes Vogel
Katharina Borchert
Laurence Pagli
Lucy A Thomas
Maike Cochrane
Maike Naomie Schnittger
Manouchehr Shamsrizi
Marion Lieser
Markus Freiburg
Melisa Guerleyen
Merih Erguen
Miranda Schreurs
Mirko Sylla
Monika Klinger
Sabine Schaefer
Simon Lee
Stefanie Schmoeckel
Steffen Staeuber
Stephan Breidenbach
Sven Lager
Theresia Enzensberger
Thomas Festerling
Tiglet Aslan
Ulf Biermann
Fadhumo Musa Afrah